Design is an all-encompassing discipline; whether a residence, a workplace, an institutional building or the urban realm, built-environment has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. This belief in the contribution of buildings to the life of cities and their responsibility to the environment is the guiding principal of all our endeavors.

JKP embraces all aspects and stages of design and implementation process from architecture, urban design, interiors and product design to feasibility studies and consultation. Versatile experience and expertise of our company and its collaborators enables us to implement large-scale projects of high complexity. Project planning, development and management are our core competence in Europe; this background enables us to think beyond the limitations of an architectural practice. In many cases, our partnership starts before the design stages, in which we evaluate the opportunities of a location, creating a foundation for strong project design to optimize the existing properties. Our references include notable projects in countries including Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, Russia and Vietnam among numerous others.

A profound understanding of the wider implications of a project on the site and the urban life informs all our design decisions. Notable projects of masterplanning include the Nanfang University Technology Campus as well as Hanking Nanyou New Town. Guangfa Securities Headquarters super high-rise tower illustrates the company’s proficiency to work on large-scale on sites of great visibility. Diverse projects such as the award-winning Shenzhen Archive, Düsseldorf Areal Werdener Strasse, Hyrbrid Tower and the Lama Temple reinforce the remarkable multiplicity of our current practice. Living Supreme in the heart of Turin characterizes company’s creative role in architecture as well as project planning and development, where a neo-classical palazzo is renovated to luxury living spaces through active consultation with the client and market evaluation.

Our well-versed team of architects collaborates with international and regional consultants as well as government bodies, planners and Local Design Institutes to provide integrated architectural and engineering services. Having worked in diverse cities with respective building regulations, we are confident in aligning a project vision with the relevant planning guidelines to maximize the depth and scope of design and construction across various stages. Principal partners personally direct and lead all projects within their region to ensure that our commitment of high design standards is maintained.