Johannes Josef Kahlen, University Professor Dr.-Ing.

Johannes Josef Kahlen, University Professor Dr.-Ing.
Executive Partner I Aachen

Prof. Kahlen has been a freelance architect since 1977. Numerous significant projects have been planned under his direction and in various partnerships, including with Ingenhoven Overdiek Kahlen und Partner; these projects have largely been resulting of won competitions.

The results of a number of years of applied research by Prof. Kahlen in the area of holistic construction, integral facility management and computer application in architecture have been developed in two research institutions that he has founded and the results from these have been integrated into the respective construction processes of major projects.

J. J. Kahlen gained his doctorate from the University of Dortmund in 1990 and thereby deepened his knowledge particularly in the area of the management tasks of architects.

In 1993, after his cumulative habilitation, J. J. Kahlen was appointed as a full professor at Brandenburg Technical University. The progress of scientific tasks in the area of construction processes is a primary concern of Prof. Kahlen, alongside the focus on planning. As well as the distinction as a scientist, numerous national and international construction projects – which have often been planned and constructed in partnerships – have also won prizes and awards.

In many publications, book projects and presentations, Prof. Kahlen has documented his scientific findings from the areas of construction and integral facility management and he has made these available particularly for training, education and study.

2015 Executive Partner and Design Principal Aachen at Jaeger Kahlen Partner
2011 Partner and Design Principal at Jaeger and Partner
2006 Established CD City Development GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen, Berlin
1999 Established Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kahlen Planungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen
1996 Partnership with Ingenhoven Overdiek Kahlen und Partner
1993 Appointed Professor at Brandenburg Technical University
An-Institut Facility Management Institut, Aachen, Berlin, Cottbus
1990 Established FCA Forschungsgesellschaft für Computer-Anwendungen in der Architektur GmbH
1989 Established the Facility Management Institut (FMI)
1981 Graduated (Dipl.-Ing. Architekt ) from RWTH Aachen
1977 Registered Architect
1977 Graduated (Dipl.-Ing. Architekt ) from University of Applied Sciences Aachen