Aachen address:

Jaeger Kahlen Partner Architekten GmbH&Co KG
Jakobstrasse 35,
52064 Aachen, Germany
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T: +49 241 51597179
F: +49 241 51597199




Imprint for Jaeger Kahlen Partner Architekten

Jakobstrasse 35
52064 Aachen, Germany

Chamber of Architects:
Düsseldorf, Germany

Video Credits:
Shinemax Media, 1MO Productions

Photograph Credits:
Shinemax Media, Ulrik Eichentopf, H.G. Esch Hennef, Holger Knauf Düsseldorf, Foiltec GmbH

Webpage Credits:
Ivan Koychev, Bojan Vutov





Publishing or Media Inquiry:
Please contact us at office@jkp-architekten.de

If you would like to apply for a position, please send your CV and representative samples work by post or email to: careers@jkp-architekten.de